Eternal feelings and tragic passions - 290 years ago in Venice the great womanizer was born. His name subsequently became a legend. In new collection the designer Elvira Gasanova showed her own interpretation of the famous story and shared her thoughts, who could actually be Casanova ... The collection details are bat sleeves, elements made of oilcloths, metal accessories, fabric with Swarovski crystals. The collection offers jumpsuits, lace dresses, shirts, silk bodysuits, coats, jackets made of eco leather, trenches, harnesses with faux fur, tops, ovesized overalls and trousers, maxi dresses. Main colors are beige, sand, coffee, honey, mustard, ochre, cherry, jeans, dark blue, black, silver. Accessories include masks with stones and crystals, silver large feathers, bracelets-gloves, metal nails, harnesses.


- Mechnikova 22A, Kyiv, Ukraine


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